CQG Integrated Client

CQG provides Direct Market Access to more than forty exchanges through its global network of colocated Hosted Exchange Gateways. CQG’s server-side order management tools for spreading, market aggregation, and smart iceberg orders are extremely fast and ease-of-use. CQG’s market data feed consolidates over a hundred sources, including exchanges worldwide for futures, options, fixed income, foreign exchange, and equities as well as data on debt securities, industry reports, and financial indices.

CQG offers the following integrated trading solutions with the speed and support traders have come to rely on:

  • CQG Integrated Client combines electronic trading, market data, and analytics in one application.
  • CQG Spreader offers the perfect tool for trading multi-legged intramarket, intermarket, and cross-exchange spreads and effectively managing incomplete orders.
  • CQG APIs allow you to seamlessly deliver CQG’s market data and analytics to your external applications and to route orders through the CQG Hosted Exchange Gateways.


CQG provides trade routing to ASX, BGC, BM&FBOVESPA, CBOE, CBOT, CCFE, CME, COMEX, DME, ELX, Eurex, ECX, EEX, FXall, GLOBEX, HKEX, ICAP BrokerTec, ICE Futures Canada, ICE Futures Europe, ICE Futures U.S., KCBT, KRX, LME, MexDer, MGEX, MCeX, Montreal, Nord Pool, NYSE Euronext Liffe, OneChicago, OSE, RTS, SGX, TOCOM, TFX, TurkDEX, and TSE with additional exchanges added regularly.

Electronic Trade Routing

  • High-speed network of distributed exchange gateways
  • Depth-of-market views on price ladders and trading directly from the charts and quote pages
  • Comprehensive pre-trade risk management
  • CQG Hosted Exchange Gateways, and a secure, low-latency order routing service are installed and maintained for our partner clearing firms
  • Smart Orders, both exchange-supported and synthetic orders, with unique features designed to aid the trader for better order and trade management

Order Routing Tools

  • Multi-legged, intermarket, intramarket and exchange-traded spreads can be traded, managed, and created
  • Fixed-income products based on that product’s yield can be traded or spread trading
  • Two depth-of-market order book views of the electronic exchanges
  • Charts include a trade routing interface and order management window
  • Spreadsheet trading, with more than two hundred market data elements available, includes order routing functionality
  • Synthetic and exchange-traded spreads trading from two customizable spread matrix style quote displays
  • One order routing interface minimizes use of screen real estate
  • CQG and custom study values as well as condition alerts can be displayed on the DOMTrader®

CQG Smart Orders

CQG supports both exchange-supported and synthetic orders. Each Smart Order has unique features designed to aid the trader for better order and trade management. Smart Orders include:

  • DOM-triggered stop/stop limits
  • Trailing limits, stops, stop limits
  • Bracket and order-cancels-order
  • Algorithmic orders, including iceberg orders and offset stop limits
  • Study-following orders
  • Condition-following orders and alert trading
  • Funari

Consolidated Market Data

  • High-speed, real-time and historical market data from more than one hundred global sources
  • Foreign exchange, fixed income, energy, derivatives, equities, single stock futures, and OTC markets
  • Eight different styles of quote displays
  • Cost-effective, scalable market data management and delivery
  • Dedicated data quality staff across the globe covering the US, Europe, and Asia
  • Sophisticated symbol search

Decision-Making Tools

  • State-of-the-art charting and analytics
  • Sixteen chart styles including CQG’s exclusive TFlow®
  • More than one hundred basic and custom studies
  • Custom formula builder
  • Six types of alerts with automated order routing
  • Powerful trade system design and back-testing features
  • Advanced option strategy analytics


  • Computer-readable news: key US, European, and Canadian economic releases
  • Comprehensive Dow Jones News, Market News International, Need to Know News, Hightower News, LaSalle Street News, and Informa Global Markets coverage
  • Innovative display, search, and filtering
  • Secure delivery of proprietary customer feeds
  • Integration of news to charts
  • Offered as a library (in your own application or standalone)


CQG Spreader

The CQG Spreader is a tool for spread traders needing sophisticated order management and ultra low-latency trade execution. The CQG Spreader allows traders to easily create, trade, and manage multi-legged, intermarket, intramarket, and cross-exchange spreads and effectively manage incomplete orders. Traders can manage spreads across accounts and asset classes.

The CQG Spreader Core (colocated servers at the exchanges) uses proprietary algorithmic rules to manage working legs of the spread. Bid/ask queues per leg in the exchange’s order book are monitored by the spread servers for liquidity. The close proximity of the core to the exchange servers allows modification and execution of second legs to occur in less than a millisecond.

CQG Spreader functionality includes:

  • Setting up spreads with up to forty legs and actively quoting up to ten legs
  • Configuring leg ratios, scale, order management, and legging risk
  • Prioritizing leg placement
  • Easily identifying spreads and their legs with DOMTrader® and order color-coding
  • Managing cross-account spread trading



CQG’s APIs offer solutions for customers needing the most reliable data, advanced analytics, and ultra-low latency trading. Our API solutions allow you to seamlessly deliver market data, analytics, and order routing to external applications. For latency-critical applications, the proximity of CQG’s global network of exchange data centers gets you as close to the markets as possible.

The CQG Data API makes it possible for you to seamlessly deliver CQG’s market data and analytics to external applications. CQG offers the option of both real-time and historical data for customers via the API solution. The CQG Data API is based on COM server technology. Any language that supports automation technology may be used for development. CQG provides samples of how to use the API for Microsoft Excel VBA, Visual Basic, C#, C++, and MATLAB. The CQG Trading API allows you to access the CQG Hosted Exchange Gateways for order routing from external applications.

Real-time Data

The CQG Data API gives you access to:

  • Instrument reference metadata/contract specifications
  • Last trade and current best bid/offer data with volumes
  • Depth-of-market (DOM) data with volumes

The CQG Data API supports real-time and delayed market data from exchanges.

Historical Data

Comprehensive trade and best bid/offer tick data may be retrieved at the end of the day to validate tick database integrity. In addition, the CQG Data API gives you access to consolidated (aggregated) data in different types of bar configurations, such as regular timed, constant volume, point and figure, and TFlow bars. Our historical data includes access to our embedded analytics.


Industry-leading analytics available via the CQG Data API include:

  • Canned studies and functions
  • Custom studies and formulas
  • Synthetic instruments
  • Trade system values


The CQG Trading API can be used for:

  • Trade execution (manual and automatic)
  • Trade monitoring

For a detailed listing of the prices associated with CQG Integrated Client, please contact an LEM Commodities sales representative with any questions at +1 203 485-7508, or email us at info@lemcommodities.com.