OptionsCity’s  Metro™ platform is a server-based front end execution system for professional options traders. Traders can set skew curves, generate theoretical values, click-trade, auto-quote, use a target finder, auto-hedge, and manage risk. OptionsCity also offers an open API for traders to customize Metro and to input and extract information to and from Metro. Metro was named “Best options trading platform” in the Wall Street Letter’s 2012 Institutional Trading Awards.

OptionsCity Freeway™ is a powerful multi-asset server-based algorithmic server-based trading platform designed for quick development and deployment of custom automated trading strategies. These custom algorithms, defined as Jobs within Freeway, are written in standard Java or Scala code using industry standard tools and a straight-forward Application Programming Interface (API). Jobs can execute trades, dynamically reconfigure themselves based on changing market conditions, and perform market analysis, including historical comparisons and risk monitoring. Based on speed, Freeway has broken the 100 micro-second barrier for round-trip execution and seamlessly integrates custom algos from the OptionsCity Algo Store.


OptionsCity Metro™ Features & Benefits

Intuitive Interface – a streamlined feature set, graphical display of information, and the flexibility to configure to meet different needs makes Metro’s interface easy-to-use, intuitive, and customizable.

Dynamic Quoting Engine – Characterized by fast quote construction and submission, a comprehensive set of safety features to protect against market risk, proprietary quoting algorithms (optimized for speed) to react to market conditions, and non-scripting logic technology for traders to quickly react to market conditions rather than be limited by scripts.

High Performance – With overall minimum latency throughout the system and fast quote construction and submission, Metro efficiently triggers automatic responses to opportunities in light of powerful server-side processing and execution. Additionally, the co-location of the server next to the exchange matching engine ensures optimum high speed performance.

Easy Integration – Achieved through open architecture, integration with existing systems is easy; integration with proprietary solutions such as proprietary pricing models or execution algorithms provides just one route of Metro’s adaptable technology which permits traders to fully automate trading strategies and maintain order workflow.

Mitigating Risk Substantially – Early detection and automated responses to extreme market conditions based on defined thresholds, Metro’s safety features are in place to protect and warn from human error. Clear understanding and management of risk allow for profitable trading in Metro and enhances traders’ communication by providing the ability to chat, share settings, and monitor trading activities within teams.


OptionsCity Freeway™ Features & Benefits

Intuitive Interface – an easy-to-use interface to quickly monitor, deploy, and control custom jobs while simultaneously executing hundreds of jobs. It allows traders to quickly edit variables within Jobs and it comprises integrated logging and database capabilities with the ability to search for and filter specific events and take action from the logs.

Integrated Data Visualization – Freeway includes extensive data visualization capabilities for both internal Freeway operating parameters and custom data probes. Freeway facilitates the interaction between the human decision-making process and the high-speed automated algorithms within the Freeway server by allowing bidirectional signaling between executing Jobs and the dashboard.

Simulation and Playback Tools – Traders can select which jobs they would like to run on the recorded market data within the simulation environment. The playback tool allows traders to record market data and replays it at different speeds to test algorithms.

Comprehensive Development Environment – Freeway provides a complete development environment with a simple yet powerful API for algorithm development using Java or Scala, streamlining the design, development, test, and deploy cycle.

The Algo Store™ – a one-of-a-kind online algorithm repository, providing a collaborative environment and a market for creating, purchasing, and downloading algorithms. It includes a rich set of algorithms available for Freeway users, including delta and gamma hedging, opportunity detection, quoting algorithms, and auto-spreaders. Third-party quantitative analysts have the opportunity to write and sell algorithms or components of algorithms to traders around the world.

Integration with Metro and Risk Management Tools – Freeway fully integrates with Metro’s centralized server-based risk management by incorporating the risk associated with Freeway trades. Metro lays out risk across a span of underlying prices as well as various “what if” scenarios.

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