RTS Realtime Systems

RTS Realtime Systems delivers high-performance, end-to-end technology products and services across asset classes and continents to elite financial institutions and commodity trading houses. The firm is one of the world’s leading providers of ultra-low latency, high-frequency, robust algorithmic trading solutions. RTS has offices in Amsterdam, Chicago, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, London, Mumbai, New York, Pune, Shanghai, Singapore and Sydney.

RTS Realtime Systems trading solutions include:

RTD Tango®

Ultra-low Latency Algorithmic Trading Solution

RTD Tango® is a complete platform for creating and deploying automated trading systems – A multi-asset, multi-exchange solution which allows you to build, implement, monitor and manage thousands of strategies from a single application.

RTD Tango® combines programming, simulation and trading environments, where traders go from ideas, to concept and server-side execution in a matter of hours.

  • Next generation RTD Tango® engine with reduced internal latency
  • Complete event-based algorithmic trading platform
  • Single environment for algo development, testing and deployment
  • Proprietary programming language with 250+ built-in functions
  • Live data testing with realistic simulated executions
  • Back-testing engine with integrated market data collector for quick time-to-market

RTD Tango Trader®

Combined Algorithmic and Click Trading Front-end

RTD Tango Trader® combines the best of breed from click trading & algo trading into one front-end.

  • Off-the-shelf algos and canned strategies
  • Advanced spreading technology
  • Inter-market spreads across asset classes
  • Vertical dartboard and Spread Matrix
  • Comprehensive pre-trade risk controls
  • Integrated algo order book to manage trades
  • White label and multi-language capabilities


Trading Solution for Complex Quantitative Challenges

Comprehensive suite of tools to design, optimize, analyze and execute fully automated trading strategies.

  • Solve complex quantitative trading challenges
  • Feature-rich charting environment
  • Flexible and detailed strategy modeling concepts
  • Back-testing of strategies
  • Elaborate analysis tool
  • Fully automated order management and execution

Product video for RTD Tango QUANT (lightbox window)

RTD Trader

Sophisticated Lightweight Java-based Trading Front-end

  • Manage trading workflows with various predefined views
  • Easy interaction and linking between views with a Drag & Drop feature
  • Optional upgrade to include algo trading (RTD Tango Trader®)
  • Easy distribution over internet
  • White label and multi-language capabilities

RTD Realtime Trading Desktop (RTD)

Functionality Rich Trading Front-end

  •  Engineered to provide a competitive edge
  • Renowned for speed and reliability
  • Automated trading tools
  • Market-making engine
  • Options pricing system
  • Access to all user configurations, including server-based risk engine

For a detailed listing of the prices associated with RTS Realtime Systems, please contact an LEM Commodities sales representative with any questions at +1 203 485.7508, or email us at info@lemcommodities.com.